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When adding to the first spoon, HeLianYin figured that the sugar was enough, so he put a small spoon of eyes and said, "The spoon of sugar should be enough."

"Ok," won-hee said, "It’s still a little hot. Do you want to put it in the refrigerator first?"
"Don’t just tell her it’s specially warm, or it doesn’t taste right, and she won’t drink it." For the first time, Helianyin showed such a childish and naughty look and they made suggestions.
"High!" Yuan Xi praised.
In the magnificent living room
He Lianyin looked down at his face and his ears were red. He Lianhan looked soft and asked her, "Han Han, do you want to play with some of us later?"
"Yes!" It is the lifelong dream and wish of all girls to nod without thinking, and to play with my cousin and his friends.
He Lianhan is the same age as He Lianyin. Because of her parents’ divorce, she followed her mother’s surname. Although she was not as smart as He Lianyin, she understood everything and was a little vain because of her mother’s sex.
"Well, Han Han is so cute." He Lianyin praised her for her strange and charming smile.
Then won-hee came back.
Xiao Yin didn’t go in with her. She went to the room to watch through the floor-to-ceiling glass. Her face was clean and there was a bad smile.
She seems to be afraid to laugh and pretend to read carefully with a face.
He Lianyin looked at her for a while and thought that Yuan Xi should tell Xiao Yin what happened. He took Yuan Xi’s iced black tea and smiled brightly, but his heart was cold and dizzy. He Lianhan said, "Han Han, if you want to play with us, drink this bottle of iced black tea to express your sincerity to us."
His voice is unusually gentle.
How can there be such an evil thing in this world?
There is a strong demon in the eyes, but there is no coquetry. The tail of the eye clearly evokes a touching soul.
Several friends couldn’t help echoing in their hearts, "Yes, Han Han, this is your brother asking you to drink alone. We don’t have any."
Han Han’s heart was touched by blushing and biting his lip, so he unscrewed the lid of iced black tea.
A few friends laughed more and more.
Han Han slowly took a sip.
after that
Eyebrows frowning slightly "Cousin, this drink doesn’t taste right."
Four teenagers almost laughed and broke their work.
Hector even Yoon also smiled face hidden smile brain a smoke a smoke.
"No, no, this taste is for us. I’m afraid that if you drink cold in winter, it will be bad for your stomach, so that the iced black tea will not hurt your stomach." Yuan Xi explained that she pressed Han Han’s iced black tea to her mouth and forced her to drink a few mouthfuls. "Drink it, drink it early and we can go out to play together."
The three of them couldn’t help it. They turned their heads behind their backs and laughed wildly.
Won-hee is so talented.
He Lianyin admired him from the bottom of his heart for cheating and drinking urine. It’s too awesome to break up.
He Lianhan was visited by Yuan Xi for a few times. He felt a little uncomfortable and covered his mouth and refused to drink. "No, it tastes terrible. I feel a little nauseous if I can’t drink it."
Smell speech
HeLianYin smile cold to "culvert culvert didn’t you say you want to play with us? Why don’t you even give me a drink? Can you still have fun in this way? "
"I just bought you a doll. I don’t want to give you such an ungrateful doll. Give it back to us!" Jiang Chenxi pretended to be angry and snatched the oversized doll from Lian Hanhan’s arms.
Lian Hanhan immediately panicked and hugged the delicate doll with tears in her eyes. "No, I want to play with you. This bottle of tea tastes so strange that I can’t drink it. Is this drink expired?" It stinks … "
"How is that possible? We just drank it. "He Lianyin’s expression is nonsense with your eyes open." I think you don’t want to be friends with us. "
Lian Hanhan shook his head desperately. "No, I want to play with you …"
"Then you can drink this bottle of drink." He Lianyin pointed to the cold drink command in her hand.
Lian Hanhan was surprised and panicked in her heart. She really wanted to play with her cousins so that all the girls would envy her, but the drink was so hard to drink that she wanted to spit it out as soon as she entered her throat, so she hesitated and looked hard.
"If you don’t drink, forget it. Let’s go." He Lianyin looked cold and left.
"You don’t go …" HeLianHanHan panic out of the plea.
Yuan Xi’s eyes flashed with Jing Mang, pulling He Lianyin’s hand. "Oh, don’t be so angry. Han Han is not used to all our tastes. I believe Han Han wants to be friends with us when we give her some."
He Lianyin’s back to Yuan Xi is almost laughing at this time, but he still has to hold back his crazy smile. He turned his face and looked at He Lianhan tenderly in his life. "Han Han, do you really want to play with us?"
"Of course," He Lianhan said with a face of anxiety, fearing that his cousin would be angry if he spoke slowly.
spa会所"Then you drink quickly." He Lianyin Banu Nu’s line of sight was aimed at her iced black tea and motioned for her to drink it quickly.
"Yes, Han Han Mei Niu, your cousin’s temper is not very good. Hurry up and drink, and you can go out to play with us. We also bought a lot of fun toys today, and we plan to take you to see it." Yuan Xi continued to coax her to bring the drink in her hand, aiming at her eyes, blinking sweetly and charming. "Han Han Mei Niu came to Yuan Xi to feed you and open your mouth."
Listen to him, He Lianhan can’t disobey He Lianyin. If he doesn’t drink his cousin, he will be really angry.
So she closed her eyes and threw caution to the wind.
Yuan Xi’s face gets cold as soon as her eyes are closed, and she drinks half a bottle according to the back of her head.
Even the Han Han was filled with a mouthful of some unbearable push Kai Yuanxi "I’m going to spit it out."
"Don’t spit" He Lianyin ordered her to "spit it out and don’t want to be friends with us"
So the face so bitter that He Lianhan Yuan Xi didn’t know where to find a white rabbit toffee and smiled sweetly at He Lianhan. "Han Hanmei, why don’t Brother Yuan Xi give you a candy?" Why don’t you just drink tea while eating sugar? That would be sweet, wouldn’t it You see, there’s only a little tea left. It’s a pity not to finish it, right? "
Yuanxi dialect can always get to the point inexplicably.
It’s a pity that Lian Hanhan thinks about it and has already drunk two-thirds of it.
And after drinking, I can play with my cousin and them, so she put the white rabbit toffee in her mouth and drank it with the strange bottle of iced black tea.
One bottle to the end
Section 5
Several teenagers showed their smile. He Lianyin took out a bow pink sachet from behind and gave it to her. "This sachet is for you to put on the pillow to help you sleep."
The pink sachet is just right for her princess disease.