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This man is not what he smells like?

What a man this is, who is ready to use the foul language of’ attacking the body and attacking the heart with the bed’! God! ?
spa会所What about wan ku’s bewitching, cold and evil boss?
I think it’s shameful to tell a lie.
Lin Jiahe’s family is a noble family. Lin Mochen and Gu Nanqing are brothers who grew up wearing a pair of pants. This family’s parents also treat Lin Mochen as their own children. Now that they have come here, Lin Mochen is naturally going to meet his family’s parents and greet them. Only in this way can he lose his statecraft and show deep brotherhood.
Section 96
"Xiao Youlin is always right. You go." Su Manman patted her on the shoulder. "I’ll go to the box first."
"Don’t go for a long time." Lu You grabbed her. "I promised to accompany you and I will accompany you. Wait for me here. I will go in with him to meet Gu Zong’s parents, and then I will accompany you. I don’t trust you alone."
"Just take care of yourself. There’s nothing to worry about me." Su Man smiled and gently dialed her fingertips. She hung her hair on her chest like a big sister. "I’m hungry now. I just want to eat. Are you fine now? Now that you are Mrs. Lin, you should pay attention to your words and deeds. Don’t embarrass Mr. Lin or yourself, okay? "
Lu sorrow nodded and her eyes were a little moist. She knew that in this world, except her parents, Su Man would really treat her well and think of everything for her.
But she doesn’t know what happened to Su Man six years ago.
She really hopes that one day Su Man can tell her.
"I won’t lose face for you after a long journey." Lu You also raised a bright smile.
Lin Mochen looked at Su Man and thanked her. "Thank you, Miss Su. Wait for us in your box for a while. I’ll come with Xiao You."
"Nothing" Su Man shook his head and didn’t mind.
Lin Mochen stretched out his hand and took the landing shoulder "Let’s go"
Lu sorrow took Sue diffuse hand some reluctant to go.
Su Man gave her an encouraging look and withdrew his hand from her hand.
Lin Mochen took the landing sorrow and turned to the family box.
Gu Nanqing still stared at Su Man Su Man and felt his sharp sight.
So the two men looked at each other, and then Su Man turned around and Gu Nanqing pushed the balcony door open again. They didn’t say a word from beginning to end.
Lin Mo-chen, an advanced box, generously took Lu You’s hand to the Guggenheim couple at the round table.
Guggenheim and his wife also saw Lin Mo-chen’s face beaming.
When Shen Qiang saw Lin Mo-chen surrounded by Lu Sorrow, her face turned pale, and the bottom of the pool was full of shocking colors, but she still kept a decent smile.
Besides Shen Qiang, there are two other middle-aged couples about the same age as the Guggenheim couple. It seems that they should be Shen Qiang’s parents.
This Gu Nanqing and Shen Qiang also seem to be urged by their parents.
After all, the two families are very good. Mother Shen and mother Gu Nanqing, Jiang Feng, are classmates and friends. When they got married, they said that if they were born with a son and a daughter, they would get married.
All the children in the rich family have such troubles and will be expected by their parents to look at people with them.
Some are for family interests, and some are for parents’ wishes.
It’s not that Lin Mo-chen suffered like this, so did Gu Nan-qing, and so did Chi Yiming. They are all excellent men’s institutions in the floating society, and they will bear more family pressure.
"Aunt Gu Shu Jiang" Lin Mochen called them and then looked at Shenyang’s parents "Hello Mr. Shen and Mrs. Shen"
"Ink minister to sit and eat together" Gu Zhide got up and pulled open the next position.
"I have an appointment to have dinner with my friends over there, so I’ll excuse you." Lin Mohen politely refused. "Gu Shu met Nan at the door and brought my daughter-in-law in to see your little sorrow. I’ll introduce you to this. This is Nan’s parents Gu Shu and Jiang Yi."
Gu Zhide and Jiang Feng are still very surprised. After all, it is more likely that Lin Mochen and Tang poetry are recognized by the whole society as a pair by default.
Lu sorrow polite clever called Gu Zhide and Jiang Feng "Gu Shu Jiang Yi".
Gu Zhide and Jiang Feng, especially Shen Qiang, became more ugly. She couldn’t believe that Lu You was Mrs. Lin Mo Chen.
She held her skirt tightly at her fingertips and didn’t believe it at all. She kept telling herself that it was impossible.
Lu sorrow is so ordinary and how can a woman marry Lin Mochen, the most important person in Baijing!
She remembered that she almost slapped her in the office because her agent Liu Kai was fired. If Gu Nanqing hadn’t pulled her and warned her, she must have beaten Lu’s sad face. Now that I think about it, cold sweat floated on her back and I’m glad I was pulled by Gu Nanqing. Otherwise, Lin Mo-chen doesn’t know how to deal with her! Will you burn her? Although he doesn’t set foot in the entertainment circle, he wants to get involved in it. He is capable of it. It is easy for him to want a life that is worse than death.
Shen Qiang bit his lip. It seems that if she meets Lu’s sorrow, she will be a little lower.
Gu Zhide added a mouthful and asked, "I made it up when I saw your wedding news on the news. I think you must be asking me to get married. Since there is no news, I didn’t take it seriously. I didn’t think when Xiao Zhen got married, please let me know. I have to drink this wedding wine."
"Gu Shu, that’s a must." Lin Mo Chen glanced at Lu You’re worried. "It’s a wedding thing. Your nephew and daughter-in-law still don’t promise the income. Gu Shu, please help me persuade her more."
"Oh, really?" Gu Zhide looked at Lu’s sorrow again. "My nephew is one of the best men in the world, but girls in Baijing are chasing to marry men. You have a vision. Don’t dawdle. Now that you are married, it’s time to do the wedding. Then it’s not beautiful to wear a wedding dress with children."
Gu Zhide’s attack made everyone laugh, and everyone said that Lu was red in the face.
"You don’t have to listen to your elders when you hear Gu Shu talking, do you know?" Lin Mochen gave her a nudge.
Lu sorrow light stared his one eye?
Instead, Jiang Feng reached out and hit Gu Zhide’s arm. "What are you talking about as an uncle?"
Jiang Feng took Lu’s hand in the previous step and laughed. "Little worry, right? Don’t listen to your uncle Gu’s nonsense. He is acute and just wants to drink your wedding banquet, so you can forgive me."
Lu sorrow sipped his lips and nodded "I know Gu Shu is joking"
"I want to drink your wedding banquet. This matter is serious," Gu Zhide emphasized. "You must hurry up with your uncle’s wish. Your wedding must be grand and grand. You see that you and Nan Qing have been brothers together since childhood. Now you have returned to your family from work. My family is smelly and small, but it’s still not conformal all day. If he can marry Xiao Qiang back early, I will be relieved. You have to help Uncle Mo more. I advise him not to be so sexual. It’s time to accept his heart."
"Dad, look, you said I seemed to be in the same place." Gu Nanqing complained to his parents.